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              [page 1] [1861] A wicked rebellion has broken out with all its devastating influences and results, over our once peaceful and prosperous Country. It has been inaugurated by a clique of ambitious treasonable & plotting politicians Our people are fast becoming aroused with the spirit of war and are fast organizing into Companies and Regiments. The best blood and talent of the nation is called for to rally to the defence [defense] of our country and flag; The one we so highly honor and sincerely respect, and to enforce the laws of the Government throughout the land. That being our highest aim and dearest wish. And while my neighbors and acquaintances are going I cannot stay behind. Consequently I enlist with the Chatfield Guards in Company A 2nd Regiment of Minnesota Volunteer Infantry and immediately prepare for war While I bid adieu to a kind Father, Mother, Brothers & Sisters, Friends & Acquaintances and all old associations I leave all for a time, perhaps for ever [forever]. I go because I feel my duty to my adopted Country calls upon me, I hope during the perils of my career as a Soldier if this journal should fall into the hands of the enemies of our Country May they transmit the same to the Soldiers Friends. Should it fall into the hands of disinterested friends May they not bear it too critically but bear in mind the untoward circumstances the journalist labored under in penning & arraigning the same during his routine of Camp life & he will remain yours, till death or the close of the War.               
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Civil War diary, Union soldier, 1861-1863

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